There's no doubt about it .... Exercise is essential for good health. We all need to get more active and stay active!

We appreciate some people find it hard to exercise. At Active Health & Fitness, we provide a different kind of environment for you to want to start... and keep going!

Come and try the difference. We're confident that once you start, being active will become part of your healthier lifestyle.

10 Reasons why you should exercise:

  1. Increases energy levels, boosts metabolism
  2. Improves efficiency of heart and lungs
  3. Helps reduce stress
  4. Helps reduce blood pressure, blood fats and cholesterol
  5. Helps reduce risk of Type 2 diabetes
  6. Helps weight management and loss
  7. Helps maintain bone density and resist onset of osteoporosis
  8. Increases strength and endurance
  9. Improves joint stability and posture
  10. Improves self esteem and feelings of well-being

So what's stopping you?

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